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Charles Stern
Charles Stern, RedBlueTalk

I’ve been a Democratic district leader, a school board trustee and, along with my wife, I founded Amani Public Charter School, in Mount Vernon, NY. SInce 1992 I have had a role in dozens of school, local and state elections and referenda, including driver, planner, treasurer, campaign manager and candidate.

New York and its northern suburbs have been home for my entire life. I make a living in corporate IT sales, which is why I am at liberty to speak candidly about politics, education and culture in my community.

From 2004 until about 2008, before social media exploded, I wrote a very popular blog called “Mount Vernon SchoolTalk.” It was all about public education in Mount Vernon, NY. Based on the success of that I was able to run for the school board there successfully, twice. I met thousands of people and gained a unique perspective on a range of social, political and economic issues. At the time I was first elected in 2005 I was the first white person on the Mount Vernon Board of Education in over 10 years.

RedBlueTalk is a modernized version of my original blog, intended to discuss a broad range of matters, and to sort out the gory details of America’s cultural civil war. I believe there is a need to talk about how the left and the right experience politics and government differently. I hope you do too.

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