How to Follow Trump Like a Pro, on Twitter

Follow Maggie Haberman, White Correspondent for The New York Times, and you will understand much more about President Trump.

Over 36 million Twitter accounts follow @realDonaldTrump. About 600,000 follow @maggieNYT.  I recommend you follow Maggie Haberman. She tweets a link to everything she writes and also re-tweets dozens of times per day articles by other journalists. I wonder if she could possibly push all these messages out herself.  Either “Maggie” is more than one person or she is leveraging some type of automation, like IFTTT.

Maggie Haberman, journalist and prolific Twitter publisher
Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT)

Either way, what you end up with in your timeline is like a newspaper of newspapers.  You will be exposed to writers and background from over the world, and often many hours before these stories hit TV.

Haberman provides links to insightful article at the Los Angeles Times, Detroit Free Press,, CNN and much more.  I’ve even found bits about New York State politics among her daily stream of information.  If you want to understand Trump, or you are a new junkie, you must follow @maggieNYT.  Just make sure if you enable mobile notifications that you have an unlimited textmessaging plan.  You’re phone will be buzzing all day and night.

  1. Desktop Twitter: enable mobile notifications under settings for your profile (Profile –> Settings and Privacy –> Mobile –> check Tweets from people you’ve enabled for mobile notifications

  2. Mobile Device: follow @maggieNYT, and click the bell icon to get mobile notifications

Have fun, or at least have a better understanding.  My own kids are embarrassed by Donald Trump, and I would like them to follow Maggie Haberman so they can get a grip on why.

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