Podcast | Geopolitics and the Suburban Housing Market 2018

Podcast | Geopolitics and the Suburban Housing Market 2018

So you’ve got the financial stuff to make it in New York’s expensive suburban housing market, but the loss of the SALT deduction, stock market volatility and possibly the end of the world have you thinking twice. If you are fearing more than fear itself, apparently you are not alone. One real estate broker published an annual survey for his territory, Pelham, New York, including this striking remark:

“People want to live below their means.”

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Licensed Real Estate Broker Maurice Owen-Michaane talks about his “Pelham 2018 Market Report“.  Michaane sees a trend in buyers seeking homes that are LESS costly than they can actually afford, even in New York’s affluent suburbs.  We discuss the market psychology and geo-politics driving this new trend.

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