IDC Social Media Finder 2018

Main Idea: This is a table of New York State Senators in the Independent Democratic Conference and their 2018 primary challengers, along with geographic info and links to everybody’s Facebook and Twitter timelines.

Social Media is Where IDC Members Live

While Mark Zuckerberg gets ready to testify before Congress about how FaceBook is destroying America,  the fact remains that in contemporary 2018 politics, Twitter is the way politicians communicate with people, and vice versa.

I have compiled this free-to-use, mobile-friendly table of the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds of the New York State Senators who are members of the Independent Democratic Conference, as well as their primary challengers.

One More Time, What is the IDC?

All 62 members of the New York State Senate are up for election this year.  7 of the 8 members of the Independent Democratic Conference are facing primary battles from further left progressive candidates.  Democrats seem to be at war with themselves over how to lead New York’s legislature, and the knock against the IDC is that they make it hard to bring progressive agenda items before a vote.  The IDC was formed in response to an era of rampant corruption in New York State politics, but more recently the group has agreed to come back into the mainline Democratic structure.   For the progressive primary challengers, that commitment is not enough.

Your Personal Connection to IDC Candidates

Go ahead and subscribe to a couple of their Twitter feeds.  There has been exceptional reporting on this rare political moment, including in The New York Times, Gotham Gazette and in City & State New York.  If you breeze through the candidates’ Facebook timelines, especially the older, pre-election posts, you may get a new perspective.  Mind you these are all campaign pages, nevertheless, there are personal glimpses, and you can sense which posts are genuine and which are machine-made.

A few of the candidates followed me back, and I was able to DM several of them on Twitter.

Please let me know if you like this, and hit me up on Twitter with suggestions or if you find errors.  Most of all, I would be delighted if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel, for updates.


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