Mount Vernon Mayoral Debate, June 3, 2019, audio playback

Here’s a simple link, in case the player above isn’t working right.

0:00 Intro, Rev. DeCohen
2:35 Intro, Rev. Richardson
7:58 Intro, Isley
12:35 Intro, Patterson-Howard
22:25 Intro, Thomas
31:10 Intro, Wallace
40:53 Question: Dignity, all candidates
47:52 Question: 7 Criteria, all candidates
58:54 Question: Mt. Vernon Challenges, all
1:04:48 Question: Collaboration, all
1:12:00 Question: Porcari indictment, Thomas
1:15:28 Question: Lawsuits, Wallace
1:18:36 Question: Party loyalty, Isley
1:20:40 Question: Spezio/Zamor, Patterson-Howard
1:24:13 Question: Economy/jobs, all
1:31:06 Question: Zombie property, all
1:37:00 Gentrification, Rev. Richardson
1:38:35 Question by Thomas to Patterson-Howard, Personnel
1:43:20 Question by Isley to Wallace: Council inaction
1:45:07 Question by Patterson-Howard to Thomas: Payment process
1:47:22 Question by Wallace to Isley: Personal finance
1:49:44 Question by Thomas to Wallace: Planning Dept break-in
1:52:33 Question by Wallace to Patterson Howard: Why were you silent?
1:55:15 Question by Patterson-Howard to Wallace: Governance
1:57:29 Question by Isley to Thomas: Water Dept
2:00:51 Closing: Rev. Richardson

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