Mount Vernon Mayoral Debate, June 3, 2019, audio playback

Here’s a simple link, in case the player above isn’t working right.

0:00 Intro, Rev. DeCohen
2:35 Intro, Rev. Richardson
7:58 Intro, Isley
12:35 Intro, Patterson-Howard
22:25 Intro, Thomas
31:10 Intro, Wallace
40:53 Question: Dignity, all candidates
47:52 Question: 7 Criteria, all candidates
58:54 Question: Mt. Vernon Challenges, all
1:04:48 Question: Collaboration, all
1:12:00 Question: Porcari indictment, Thomas
1:15:28 Question: Lawsuits, Wallace
1:18:36 Question: Party loyalty, Isley
1:20:40 Question: Spezio/Zamor, Patterson-Howard
1:24:13 Question: Economy/jobs, all
1:31:06 Question: Zombie property, all
1:37:00 Gentrification, Rev. Richardson
1:38:35 Question by Thomas to Patterson-Howard, Personnel
1:43:20 Question by Isley to Wallace: Council inaction
1:45:07 Question by Patterson-Howard to Thomas: Payment process
1:47:22 Question by Wallace to Isley: Personal finance
1:49:44 Question by Thomas to Wallace: Planning Dept break-in
1:52:33 Question by Wallace to Patterson Howard: Why were you silent?
1:55:15 Question by Patterson-Howard to Wallace: Governance
1:57:29 Question by Isley to Thomas: Water Dept
2:00:51 Closing: Rev. Richardson

Mt. Vernon (NY) Street Tour : West to North

This is my third street tour video in three weeks, and my second one driving through Mt. Vernon, NY. I’m trying to get a style going here. Any feedback on this would be highly welcome. Here’s a playlist with all my street tours, so far.

Mueller Report: Read-A-Long

The only way to know what’s going on is to read it yourself. I couldn’t take in the whole entire thing, but I read about 80 pages, mostly word for word, and you can watch and listen as I do it in these 3 videos. Done is better than perfect.

What’s the bottom line? Trump and his people knew that the 2016 election was being cooked by multiple Russian interventions, and they benefited from it. Congress will have to decide whether to impeach. Either way, if I had reason to believe everything is going to be OK in the end, I would so say.

Street Tour: Minneapolis / Mall of America

This is a quick 7 mile street tour From St. Paul to Mall of America, in Minneapolis, MN, along Minnesota State Route 5 West. Check out the Mississippi River along the way. The drive begins in St. Paul, crosses the River, around the MSP Airport and over the giant mall. Fun ride.

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