Reginald Lafayette Podcast Interview

Westchester County Democratic Election Commissioner and County Democratic Party Chair, Reginald Lafayette confers with local politicians in Mount Vernon, New York. [Left to right: City Council Candidate Derrick Thompson, Lafayette, Patterson-Howard Campaign Manager Robin Mack, City Council Member Janice Duarte, City Council Member Lisa Copeland, mayoral nominee Shawyn Patterson-Howard.]

I had a chance to catch up with Westchester County Election Commissioner Reginald Lafayette today while attending a Democratic Unity Press Conference.  The event was essentially a pep rally for mayoral candidate Shawyn Patterson Howard, who having one the primary in June, is basically a shoe-in to win in the November general election.  Even though the June votes have been tallied and certified, Patterson Howard’s opponent, incumbent Mayor Richard Thomas is continuing to pursue a lawsuit against the board of elections, claiming there was voter fraud and voting irregularities.  Mr. Lafayette spent a few minutes explaining the implications of that lingering lawsuit.

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