Pelham Merger Study Questioned

November 25, 2019 Village of Pelham Manor, NY board meeting. The public is asking whether a state funded study of the benefits of merging villages is needed.

Reginald Lafayette Podcast Interview

Westchester County Democratic Election Commissioner and County Democratic Party Chair, Reginald Lafayette confers with local politicians in Mount Vernon, New York. [Left to right: City Council Candidate Derrick Thompson, Lafayette, Patterson-Howard Campaign Manager Robin Mack, City Council Member Janice Duarte, City Council Member Lisa Copeland, mayoral nominee Shawyn Patterson-Howard.]

I had a chance to catch up with Westchester County Election Commissioner Reginald Lafayette today while attending a Democratic Unity Press Conference.  The event was essentially a pep rally for mayoral candidate Shawyn Patterson Howard, who having one the primary in June, is basically a shoe-in to win in the November general election.  Even though the June votes have been tallied and certified, Patterson Howard’s opponent, incumbent Mayor Richard Thomas is continuing to pursue a lawsuit against the board of elections, claiming there was voter fraud and voting irregularities.  Mr. Lafayette spent a few minutes explaining the implications of that lingering lawsuit.

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